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Love At First Sight, short film communicates uniquely at 25th Galway Film Fleadh 2013

Love at First Sight, a short film which screened at this years 25th Anniversary of the Galway Film Fleadh, (Film Festival)  in Galway in the west of Ireland, as part of the New Irish Shorts - Way out West section.  The Film Festival took place between 9-14th July 2013.

The short film was based on one simple theme close to everyone's heart - love.  Love in its purest form, where a schoolboy finally sees the girl of his dreams, passes her everyday, has a locker near to hers and wonders how he can overcome the obstacles in his path, to get to know and conquer the girl of his dreams. 

The film had no dialogue and effective communication was achieved through emotional and  physical language, and dialogue was replaced by using and effective set of notes between the two main characters to communicate and show their feelings, and overcome the barriers to achieve the goal of the film

Already a Winner of Intermediate Film Makers Showcase Award at 2012 Junior Film Fleadh, directed by David Newell, produced by Trading Faces Film School, Galway, west of Ireland.

I was able to interview Claire Parr, the Artistic director of  Trading Faces Film School in Galway, as well as the two main actors of the film Aiobheann Houston, and Jack Fitzgerald, after the screening during the Festival the Town Hall Theatre in Galway.

-How did this film come about?

(Claire Parr) Trading Faces is a Film School that we set up in 2006, as a sort of a back up to a
casting agency for the children, based in Galway city. Most of the young actors work professionally any opportunity that they can get, and always get the chance to work on a real set.

-How does one get their child into acting with Trading Faces ? And what are the courses on offer?

(Claire) They can become members of Trading Faces and  take courses – acting, singing, dancing, stage school courses. Acting for screen and television, speech and drama, public speaking and dissertations.

-From what age?

(Claire) From the age of 5, right through to about 20 – juniors, tiny tots and seniors. We are based in Salthill, generally they can access the course through the website

-How did you get cast for the part in this short film?

(Aiobheann Houston) We were in groups and we had a lot of ideas first of what we should do & once we decided on this idea, we kind of just took it from there....

-Was there a script that you had to prepare from or was it mostly improvisation due to the nature of the film's lack of dialogue?

(Aiobheann) A lot of improvisation but we were relying on the director to kind of lead us through it, as there was no talking at all, it would have been hard to script it and going through the motions, without having the director lead us.

-Would you say as an actress that it was easier using visual language & emotional expressions rather than with spoken dialogue?

(Aiobheann ) I think so it was a lot more effective in the overall.

-How did you find it being in love?

(Jack Fitzgerald) laughing It was good.....

-How did you go about preparing for the role of interpreting love? Maybe through a personal experience at school?

(Jack) Not sure really, I just went up and did it as I felt it would be...

-What is next for you?

(Jack) I directed and was in another film with Trading Faces this year – called 'The Genres of Life', made there recently. ( at Trading Faces Stage School)

-Where do you see yourselves 10 years from now ? (At both Aiobheann & Jack)

Movie screen or Broadway

More information about Trading Faces Stage School, Galway, West of Ireland

Love at First Sight

*Thanks to Claire Parr, Trading Faces Galway, Aiobheann Houston, and Jack Fitzgerald for their time. Thanks also to the Galway Film Fleadh *

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