Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jamie Foxx is behind the camera as a Celebrity Director for Canon's Project Imaginat10n

Jamie Foxx stepped behind the camera in Brooklyn, New York as Director for Canon's "Project Imaginat10n." Starring Tyrin Turner, a long-time friend and star of cult classic, Menace II Society and Nichole Galicia, from Django Unchained, Jamie was a hands-on director. There were also some great visitors on set – Ron Howard, his mentor on the project, David West from the Pacers and tons of fans including the Sanitation Department that was across the street on the last day of filming.

The other celebrity directors for Project Imaginat10n include Eva Longoria, James Murphy, Biz Stone and Georgina Chapman and consumers can now take part in the same creative experience. Filmmakers of all skill levels can select from the same pool of 91 winning photos to showcase their creativity and storytelling abilities by taking a seat in the director’s chair. 

The public and of course those with filmmaking aspirations are invited to submit 10 of their most storytelling photos that will provide storytelling themes, Ron Howard and a pubic vote will decide which will determine the 91 winners, this will begin on June 4, 2013 at After which the celebrity directors will choose 10 photos and which will set the initial stages for their film project and ultimately their upcoming film. The photos are based on a set of 10 themes - mood-obstacle-time-goal-backstory-the unknown-relationship-setting-character-discovery.

For further information on Canon's Project Imaginat10n, to get involved, or keep up with the progress of the celebrity directors see

and also my previous article on Eva Longoria directing and starring in her own film as part of Project Imaginat10n, and all the photos that inspired Eva Longoria to make the film project using photos a reality.

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