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Electrolux at Cannes Film Festival 2013 catered for the film elite with Michelin star dining style

Electrolux celebrated nearly 100 years of professional expertise by continuing its support of the Cannes Film Festival, by providing Michelin quality fine dining during the Film Festival.  Electrolux is the chosen supplier of almost 50% of Michelin starred restaurants in Europe and a number of its partner chefs teamed up during the prestigious 2013 festival to ensure gastronomic excellence for all gala events and dining occasions.

Within the Electrolux Agora Pavilion a rotating team of award-winning chefs catered for guests throughout the duration of the festival, including three Michelin star holder Anne- Sophie Pic; two Michelin star holders Claude Bosi and Bruno Oger as well as brothers Christian and Manuel Costardi who hold one Michelin star.

Electrolux at Cannes Film Festival, based at The Electrolux Agora Pavilion is the largest temporary structure along the Croisette and was host to all official culinary festival events, hosting as many as 45 chefs at its busiest periods with as many as 120 servers for 648 guests within a space of 1,000 square metres.

Electrolux continued their three year partnership with the Cannes film festival by working with a rotating team of award-winning partner chefs. The chefs, all of whom work with Electrolux appliances on a daily basis within their own kitchens, catered for all official festival events, including the opening gala dinner and Jury deliberation lunches from within the Electrolux Agora Pavilion kitchen.

The award-winning partner chefs Anne-Sophie Pic (three Michelin stars) and Bruno Oger (two Michelin stars) teamed up to cook and host for the film elite for the Cannes Film Festival Opening Gala Dinner 2013, which was held within the Electrolux Agora Pavilion for the third consecutive year. Guests, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan were treated to a four course meal all cooked on Electrolux professional appliances.

“We are bringing nearly 100 years of expertise and relationships with 50% of Europe’s Michelin starred restaurants to support the Cannes Film Festival” said Olivia Kaye, Experiential Manager, Electrolux. “In order to cater for 648 guests Electrolux partner chefs Anne Sophie Pic and Bruno Oger are relying on the same Electrolux appliances installed within the Electrolux Agora Kitchen as those present within their ownrestaurant kitchens to gurantee Michelin star results.”

Menu for the Opening Gala Dinner:

Amuse Bouche (Bruno OGER)
King crab with shrimps
Entrée (Anne-Sophie PIC)
Pea and caviar with white foam of onion
Main Course (Anne-Sophie PIC)
See bass filet with rhubarb and celery, light bouillon with green apple, cinnamon, green
Dessert (Bruno OGER)
Chocolate and Caribbean cream

For the second consecutive year, The Chef’s Table by Electrolux offered film talent attending the Cannes Film Festival 2013, an exclusive culinary experience. Situated within the Electrolux Agora Pavilion kitchen The Chef’s Table by Electrolux hosted festival VIP’s, including Grand Jury members Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, Ang Lee and Christoph Waltz.

In addition to a great meal prepared in front of them, guests were also be able to take away the hints, tips and techniques provided by award-winning Electrolux partner chefs.

“Electrolux has nearly 100 years of professional culinary expertise and enjoy relationships with 50% of Europe’s Michelin starred restaurants.” says Olivia Kaye, Experiential Manager Electrolux. “Electrolux has brought four of our award winning partner chefs to host selected guests throughout the festival at The Chef’s Table by Electrolux within The Electrolux Agora Pavilion.”

The Chef’s Table by Electrolux can be found in the heart of prestigious restaurant kitchens around the world at which guests are invited to dine from a bespoke menu, prepared in front of them and personally for them, by the chef.

A little about the team of award winning chefs -

Anne-Sophie Pic - French chef best known for gaining three Michelin stars for her restaurant, Maison Pic, in southeast France. The fourth female chef to ever win three Michelin stars, and was named Best Female Chef by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2011.

Bruno Oger is a two Michelin star holder and one time winner of Best French Chef of the Year. Renowned for food that offers taste and imagination, Oger is inspired by Mediterranean flavours and local produce.

Anne-Sophie Pic and Bruno Oger collaborated to create the opening Gala dinner at Film Festival Cannes 2013.

Claude Bosi, the Head Chef and owner of the two Michelin-starred Hibiscus in London. Hibiscus has been regularly voted one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and is renowned for its innovative approach. Bosi recently installed the Electrolux Grand Cuisine cooking system within his Hibiscus test kitchen.

Brothers Christian and Manuel Costardi achieved their first Michelin star together in November 2009. Cooking has been within the family for three generations with the culinary knowledge and expertise offered at Ristorante Cinzia (Vercelli, Italy) supported by Electrolux professional appliances for more than 60 years.


*thanks to Electrolux at Cannes, Cannes Film Festival*

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