Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Actors! Great event 'For Actors by Actors' this Friday 26th April in partnership with Hollyshorts Film Festival

Actors in LA! Are you looking for something different from the norm? Something that encompasses your aspirations and growing accomplishments as an actor in the film world, expanding into the filmmaking process.....with a view to the process, realities of actually making your own films.....lets not forget of course, actually doing the aforesaid, not just a dream of the future. Just the ticket is right here! For Actors by Actors (F.A.B.A) provides just that. 

Friday 26th April's event is open to all to find out more about F.A.B.A and the Hollyshorts Film Festival , including a Red carpet reception at 6pm, open bar, and a evening of  film screenings created by members of F.A.B.A. Reserve your spot at

I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Company Founder, Actor, Director Alex Feldman to find out more about what F.A.B.A can offer today's generation of actors and future filmmakers -

-Why did you create F.A.B.A?

 I wanted to build a creative community where successful working professionals can provide guidance and opportunities to aspiring artists.

- What type of services are you wishing to provide to actors and filmmakers ?

For Actors By Actors is a support system. We provide Actors with valuable resources, education, and industry awareness. We work with each of our members on their individual goals and equip them with the tools necessary to accomplish those goals.

- How do you consider F.A.B.A to be different to other such similar ventures that exist in LA? 

Because our entire faculty is comprised of working professional actors, we are able to teach from experience, not just theory. As the fast paced entertainment industry changes and evolves, we change and evolve with it. In addition to focusing on the creative craft of acting, our classes target the Business of Acting in Los Angeles. We often invite filmmakers, writers, producers, casting directors, talent agents and managers, to sit in on classes and provide their point of view in an effort to demystify Hollywood's collaborative industry. We also provide Headshots, Reels, and Audition Tapes. F.A.B.A. is a one-stop shop for Actors of all ages.

- Can you explain the significance of the cross partnership & relationship between yourselves F.A.B.A & the Hollyshorts Film Festival?

Partnering up with Hollyshorts is part of our on-going effort to create opportunities for our members. The upcoming screenings (Friday April 26th 2013) will feature films created by F.A.B.A. members. We encourage all actors to create their own projects and guide them trough the filmmaking process. I am a long time collaborator of Hollyshorts Film Festival and I am very grateful for the support Hollyshorts provides for F.A.B.A. To find out more about what F.A.B.A. has to offer, please visit us at


*Thanks to Alex Feldman for his time, & Hollyshorts Film Festival*

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