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Hollyshorts Film Festival 2013 - to open with First Ever Feature Film - David Rodriguez Star Studded Indie - Last I Heard

For the first time in the festival's history the HollyShorts Film Festival, Hollywood, Los Angeles California, USA, will open with a feature film. SOLmont Events, the organizers behind HollyShorts announced today that festival alumni David Rodriguez' star-studded dramedy LAST I HEARD will receive its official Los Angeles premiere as the fests first-ever opening feature film with a special event screening on Thursday August 15, 2013 at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

LAST I HEARD stars Paul Sorvino, Michael Rappaport, Renee Props, Andrea Nittoli, and Lev Gorn. The film notably features the first onscreen pairing of mafia movie legends Sorvino and Chazz Palminteri (The Usual Suspects). 

Ranked 3 times as one of MovieMaker Magazine’s top 25 Festival’s Worth the Entry Fee, the 9th annual HollyShorts Film Festival runs August 15-22, 2013 in Hollywood and will feature over 300 short films in competition. International and local next generation filmmakers will transcend to Hollywood for a week of in-competition screenings, galas, World premieres, panels and networking events.

LAST I HEARD follows veteran actor Paul Sorvino as he gives a rare lead performance in this touching Sopranos-like character study. After serving 20 years in a federal prison, mafia capo Joseph "Mr. Joe" Scoleri (Sorvino) is released for health reasons. As he reconnects with his daughter Rita (Renee Props) and tries to build a relationship with his neighbor Bobby (Michael Rapaport), he realizes life will never be what it once was.

Director David Rodriguez (AMERICAN BULLY), filming in his hometown of New York City, expertly captures both the gritty streets of Queens and the pain of a man facing his own mortality. Other recognizable faces include Steven Bauer (RAY DONOVAN), Paul Ben-Victor (THE WIRE) and Hassan Johnson (THE WIRE).

Commented festival co-founder and co-director Theo Dumont: “Our special opening night presentation of David Rodriguez’ s LAST I HEARD is a prime example of how HollyShorts stands apart from any other Shorts Festivals in LA; we’ve seen a lot of fests lately put screening restrictions on filmmakers, telling them when, where and where not to screen and we do the complete opposite, we strive to create fun and imaginative platforms for our filmmakers to network and advance their careers. We look forward to kick-starting our week with this special event.”

Added co-founder and co-director Daniel Sol: “Our goal from day 1 was to create a place where filmmakers can advance their careers to the next level and receive maximum exposure, and that tradition still continues today. We couldn’t be happier to have such a talented filmmaker and superb cast be the first feature film to open HollyShorts. “

HollyShorts 2013 sponsors include: Company 3, Deluxe, Method Studios, Uber, Panavision, Indiegogo, Law Offices of Clifford Lo Entertainment Law, Moviola, FEARnet, Martini Crew Booking, You Me and Charlie, Noci Cortinfestival, Showbiz Software, Lightspeed EPS, LAPPG, New Media Vault, The Roosevelt Hotel, Pop Chips, Final Draft, True Vision Entertainment, Yabazam!, Pretzel Chips, Production Hub, Quick Film Budget, Festival Genius, Indie Pix, ShortsHD, EuroChannel, Jungle Software, Los Angeles Hair Studio.

LAST I HEARD screening tickets, opening night tickets, and HollyShorts all access passes are now available at

About HollyShorts
HollyShorts Film Festival is an annual short film festival showcasing the best and brightest short films from around the globe. HollyShorts is devoted to the advancement filmmakers through screenings, Q&A sessions and networking events. The HollyShorts Film festival showcases the top short films produced 30- minutes or less. For more information please visit

*Thanks to Hollyshorts for this press release*

Interview with the producers of One Wall, Kings of Coney Island, engaging audiences with a film documentary about handball

One Wall : Kings of Coney Island had it's European Premiere in the Feature Documentary Section, selected for the 25th Anniversary of the Galway Film Fleadh (Film Festival), in Galway, west of Ireland, which took place 9th - 14th July 2013.  Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and the New Hope Film Festival. Nominee of Best Documentary and Best Director at the Idyllwild Cinemafest 2013, and the official selection at the New Hope Film Fest 2013.

The film takes a look at handball as an ultimate, beautiful, challenging and seriously brutal game, even one player comparing it to boxing, except with a ball. For over 50 years the National One Wall Handball Championships has been played at the Seaside Courts in Coney Island. This film sets out to follow and explore the most talented athletes as they compete for the prestigious title, and showcases comparisons and contrasts of the young, handsome, talented reigning champion Tyree Bastidas, to the legendary Joe Durso, the legend that everyone loves to hate. The challenges, trials and tribulations of handball players that are prepared to play throughout all seasons, whether snowing or whether it is hot and humid, to attain their goal of the title using whatever tactical means available to them at whatever cost. Handball players from all walks of life demonstrate their skills, sheer grit, and determination to prove that they are the best of them all.  The other handball players featured in the film range from maths teachers, policemen, to glaziers and truck drivers, who find their ultimate release, challenges and satisfactions in their love of competitive handball, which defies all boundaries.

Joe Durso, at 57, a nine time National Champion, and the best player of all time, is not willing to give up the sport which ultimately shaped his life and identity.  Off court a former District Attorney, and now High School teacher, narrates in parts in local Brooklynese lingo, the beauty of the sport, artistry, athleticism of top players and his frustrations that this sport is still not mainstream. He was considered the foul mouthed egomaniac, on the level of Mohammed Ali, one of his heroes being Arnold Schwarzenegger with a similar mentality showing great inner and outer strengths which surpasses normal sporting limitations, and over 20 years had changed a lot, and not quite reconciling with the fact that his prime days as a top athlete were fading....

One Wall Kings of Coney Island gets up close and personal to the determination and effort that is required of a handball player, who will stop at nothing and defy all limitations to reach the ultimate goal of being a winner.  The effort that is required is beyond that one would think prima facie, and this is brought to light clearly throughout the film, as the layers of playing such a demanding sport are revealed one by one.  Players push themselves beyond their physical and mental limitations, which is demonstrated by the close up shots during the film.

Joe Glickman, Director for the film is a Brooklyn based freelance writer, his articles have appeared in Outside, National Geographic, Los Angeles Times Sunday magazine among others. Antony DeAngelo, executive producer has written numerous scripts for film and television, as well as a competitor and fan of handball, and complemented making this film with the rest of the team.  Michael Inglesh, the executive producer, nearly 20 years ago, packed up and moved with his wife and family, to pursue their dreams, and is well known in showbusiness via television and independent projects and has 3 daytime Emmy Awards. Ken Saunders also an executive producer for the film, provided some of the inner passion vital to this teamwork, in his collaborations for this film.

See below for the Interview about the film with Michael Inglesh & Ken Saunders, executive producers during the Galway Film Fleadh 2013 -

-How did this film come about?

(Michael Inglesh) As the executive producer, co creator and jack of all trades, I shot, edited, and hired everybody myself, so it was kind of a labor of love at the beginning, a grass roots thing, it grew and grew, we attached really good people, accomplished writers, producers and we pulled it off, and it is about 3 years to the day when we started this film.  In 2010 we started to shoot and finished in 2011, editing was during 2012, we started showing it in the Festival circuit in January Idyllwild CinemaFest.

Actually, I was in pre-production of another film, with my my original co-creator Anthony DeAngelo and we realized that the film we were working on was going to be very expensive, labor intensive and would require a lot of money.  We sat down on a park bench in Coney Island, at the handball courts where Anthony used to play as a teenager.  Himself being one of the 'Brooklynees' – ' in the hood 'where old these old timers and young players would gather around us, like we were somebody important, we kind of were as Anthony used to play on the courts. 

I went home later that day and Googled all these kids names, they are YouTube, Twitter freaks, they have homemade videos that thousands of people watched.  I said this is an audience.  These guys will show up every day to the court, we don't have to pay them, just for the thrill of making a movie they will show up, I did not need to give them a call sheet, or tell them what time to be there – they would be there... so we started shooting...

-So you had a ready made set and a real story to tell? Why did you decide to tell this story in the manner that you did as a documentary, rather than a live shoot?

(Michael ) We kind of did an amalgam of both – a balance, as pure documentarian style, we looked for the story.  Along came a writer named Joe Glickman who had written about all our guys 10 years prior, when they were 10 years younger, so we attached Joe to the project.  He started sifting through our 17-18 days worth of footage that we had, hundreds of hours and because of his diligence and hard work we awarded him the director credit, as frankly he crafted a story for us. We could have told many stories but he picked a really good story to tell.

We did kind of head to Coney as the third character, but also showing their personal side – Pizza parlor – house,back yard, where they hang out. Shot on a 50mm lens as I am a fan of the close up, no take 2's

-So the film has a very personal feel in the way it was shot but also in the way that you filmed it, not just the aspect of the game, but also personal life too?

(Michael) Yeah, one thing I learned is that I will never shoot multi-format again, we started with one camera and went to another camera. We then hired someone with an expensive camera, so we had 5 different formats that we are editing. I recommend use one camera – regardless just stick that particular camera.....

-Before editing when you had all of the material put together how long was the film ?

(Michael) 7 hours, mini series -ridiculous! We had a lot of the women's stories in that 7 hours, we started to realize that maybe if we kept the story to the men, not to be exclusionary in any way. I have been asked what about the women ? ...well I have all those interviews and all that footage, distribute this first one and we will release the second one Queens of Coney Island...

-What are you hoping from your audiences when they see this film?

(Michael) I hope they want to take a cheap flight to Brooklyn and come to Coney Island, have a hot dog on the seashore there, …. just to experience Coney somehow...the film is a lot of sweat, some tears....

-What is next for you ?

(Michael) Its funny our production company is called We Got Next Productions. Ultimate Frisbee – if I can get the funding- looks simple to play but is a lot of running- and there is a subculture that you would not believe...

-Would you go about this the same way as you did this film?

(Michael) I would go a little younger and and a female cast, as my daughter has introduced me to some many cool high school girls and to me if I could capture their development as they go through school and get the story behind that as well as the sport...

-What format did you use and why ?

(Michael) I wanted it to be like a person was speaking to another, there would not be a lot of distance between us.  A 50Mm Nikon 40 year old lens put on a brand new Canon DSLR 7D, used a very old lens and a very new camera and then we graduated to a RED one for the competition coverage, which was pretty intense, and could you see every sweat drip, every, bump of the skin, and the RED camera really gave our film a distinct look.

-In saying that did you want the film to have a raw but personal look?

(Michael) Yes, I did not want it to look a Hollywood feature, I wanted it to feel like one of the players was making it, but to capture the essence of the game we needed a high end speedy camera that could catch the ball – a mixture of formats, and doing everything 3 or 4 times – next time one camera. I even used the cellphone on one of the shots.

-Why did you decide on Joe Durso as your main character ? Were you trying to portray his raw emotion, strengths and the character of the man behind and fielding that handball ?

(Michael) Because he is the mouth that roars, they all love to hate and hate to love him. A kind of a Darth Vader, we wanted to make him mythical yet very vulnerable at points

(Ken Saunders) -Joe Durso is a charismatic, intelligent sophisticated New Yorker, he is steeped in this sub culture which is really street, really masculine, that is almost violent, very Brooklyn, Joe is uniquely intelligent enough to be crazy with himself and then step out of himself. His perception of the subculture and its idiosyncratic elements, characteristics.

- How did he feel about the fact that you wanted to make this film?

(Ken) I think he was vain, glorious enough to get caught up in it, he really loved the glamour and glory of it, he says himself, if he walks away from the court, three blocks down the road he isn't famous anymore.  So here we were following him around Brooklyn, insisting that he was a famous person. I think that he gets a kick out of hearing his voice. He has not seen the movie, ..... maybe he is afraid of success, getting older, how his teeth look.. 57 and not the champion anymore and he is known as he was the champion...

-The future of handball ?

(Ken) One wall handball will be a demonstration sport at 2014 World Games and a demonstration sport by 2018 for the Olympics.

Twitter @wegotnextprod

*Thanks to Michael Inglesh and Ken Saunders for their time and kind invitation to watch and discover the film during the Festival, and for interviewing with myself. Thanks also to the Galway Film Fleadh for their kind hospitality during the Festival*

Lost Property, short film by Cappabue National school, screens at Galway Film Fleadh 2013

Lost Property, a short film, showcasing young talent from the Cappabue National School in Bantry, County Cork, was selected as part of the New Irish Shorts Section - Way out West at the 25th Anniversary of the Galway Film Fleadh 2013 (Film Festival) in the west of Ireland.

This film was part of many film projects in schools to encourage children to be inspired and develop an interest in the film industry. Its premiere was on April 19th, at Cinemax in Bantry, Cork, Ireland, was attended by special guests Lord David Putnam and his wife, together with an honorary Oscar for the drama teacher and Schools Completion Programme co-ordinator Victor Hayes, who has shared his knowledge and experience in film with this and many schools over the years. Since that premiere the film has gone from strength to strength, winning the first prize at the Galway Junior Film Fleadh ( Film Festival ) as well as being in the REC Youth Film Festival in Berlin.

The film contains only child actors from the Cappabue National School, the storyline being that after overhearing a conversation via snooping through the wall, that they are about to lose their home. In shock, they then set off with their friends trying to find their home, before it is too late, and find out the real reason as to who or what took away their home or the home's whereabouts. In today's economy this was a relevant and present film, and the understanding from a child's level, why a bank would want to take away their home...

After the screening at the Town Hall Theatre, I interviewed the Principal of Cappabue school, (outside Bantry in County Cork), Norma Healy, as well as young actresses, sisters Jessica and Tamara Kelleher -

-How does it feel that your school has a film selected in this year's Galway Film Fleadh ?

(Norma Healy ) We traveled up specially today as we were very honored to win the Junior Film Fleadh in November and as a result of winning that we were screened today with the other short films, which is a great honor for a small school. We have a tradition of filmmaking and IT in the school and to date we have made 6 movies. We won the first film award with Lost Property, which came in the top 5 in the childrens Fim Festival in Berlin September 2012.  We were represented there by one of the drama teachers from school, a parent and one of the children. Presently we are still on our journey to date...

-How did this all start to come about ?

(Jessica Kelleher ) It all started when we were sitting down at the table with our drama teacher Victor Hayes, we were thinking what to do for our Christmas play, so then we thought of doing a movie for our Christmas play and we made it kind of different. It was where we lose our house at Christmas time and we are afraid that Santa cannot come and deliver our presents as we are not in the house we are, so Santa would not know where we are, so then we decided to make a movie out of our Christmas play

-How long did it take from when you had this idea at Christmas to put this movie into

(Jessica) About a month and a few weeks

-Can you tell me a little bit about the director?

(Jessica) Victor Hayes – a Drama teacher to our school, and others also, as well as a Youth worker

-Was there a script that you had to memorize and how hard did you find that?

(Jessica) I didn't find it very hard, as I read books..

-Do you see yourself as an actress when you get older?

(Jessica) More for my sister, but I want to be a teacher..

- I hear that you are a little actress in the making,would you like to tell me about your part
in the film?

(Tamara Kelleher) It was a school student and we were going around with little flags looking for the house, and a banner saying welcome home to our house

-How exciting?! Was this your first film?

(Tamara) Well, for me it was the first one I was in...

-How did you find that – actually doing the role or part that you were given? Were you
scared or excited?

(Tamara) I was excited as I was never in a movie

-A-H-A..So you felt kind of famous then, a bit like a Bailee Madison? So which films can I see you in

(Tamara) Yes,  I did. The next film I will be in is part of film projects in school as part of Failte Isteach.


*Thanks to Norma Healy, Principal of Cappabue National School, Jessica and Tamara Kelleher, for their time. Also to their mother Anne Marie Thomas for allowing me to chat with Jessica and Tamara. Thanks also to the Galway Film Fleadh*

Love At First Sight, short film communicates uniquely at 25th Galway Film Fleadh 2013

Love at First Sight, a short film which screened at this years 25th Anniversary of the Galway Film Fleadh, (Film Festival)  in Galway in the west of Ireland, as part of the New Irish Shorts - Way out West section.  The Film Festival took place between 9-14th July 2013.

The short film was based on one simple theme close to everyone's heart - love.  Love in its purest form, where a schoolboy finally sees the girl of his dreams, passes her everyday, has a locker near to hers and wonders how he can overcome the obstacles in his path, to get to know and conquer the girl of his dreams. 

The film had no dialogue and effective communication was achieved through emotional and  physical language, and dialogue was replaced by using and effective set of notes between the two main characters to communicate and show their feelings, and overcome the barriers to achieve the goal of the film

Already a Winner of Intermediate Film Makers Showcase Award at 2012 Junior Film Fleadh, directed by David Newell, produced by Trading Faces Film School, Galway, west of Ireland.

I was able to interview Claire Parr, the Artistic director of  Trading Faces Film School in Galway, as well as the two main actors of the film Aiobheann Houston, and Jack Fitzgerald, after the screening during the Festival the Town Hall Theatre in Galway.

-How did this film come about?

(Claire Parr) Trading Faces is a Film School that we set up in 2006, as a sort of a back up to a
casting agency for the children, based in Galway city. Most of the young actors work professionally any opportunity that they can get, and always get the chance to work on a real set.

-How does one get their child into acting with Trading Faces ? And what are the courses on offer?

(Claire) They can become members of Trading Faces and  take courses – acting, singing, dancing, stage school courses. Acting for screen and television, speech and drama, public speaking and dissertations.

-From what age?

(Claire) From the age of 5, right through to about 20 – juniors, tiny tots and seniors. We are based in Salthill, generally they can access the course through the website

-How did you get cast for the part in this short film?

(Aiobheann Houston) We were in groups and we had a lot of ideas first of what we should do & once we decided on this idea, we kind of just took it from there....

-Was there a script that you had to prepare from or was it mostly improvisation due to the nature of the film's lack of dialogue?

(Aiobheann) A lot of improvisation but we were relying on the director to kind of lead us through it, as there was no talking at all, it would have been hard to script it and going through the motions, without having the director lead us.

-Would you say as an actress that it was easier using visual language & emotional expressions rather than with spoken dialogue?

(Aiobheann ) I think so it was a lot more effective in the overall.

-How did you find it being in love?

(Jack Fitzgerald) laughing It was good.....

-How did you go about preparing for the role of interpreting love? Maybe through a personal experience at school?

(Jack) Not sure really, I just went up and did it as I felt it would be...

-What is next for you?

(Jack) I directed and was in another film with Trading Faces this year – called 'The Genres of Life', made there recently. ( at Trading Faces Stage School)

-Where do you see yourselves 10 years from now ? (At both Aiobheann & Jack)

Movie screen or Broadway

More information about Trading Faces Stage School, Galway, West of Ireland

Love at First Sight

*Thanks to Claire Parr, Trading Faces Galway, Aiobheann Houston, and Jack Fitzgerald for their time. Thanks also to the Galway Film Fleadh *

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Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund announces 2013 Grantees

$150,000 in Documentary Finishing Funds to be Awarded to Nine Filmmakers; Spotlighting Women Documentary Award Presented in Partnership with the Kering Corporate Foundation

Jada Pinkett Smith, Olivia Wilde, Roger Ross Williams, Molly Thompson and Brian Sirgutz among 2013 Jury Members

The Tribeca Film Institute (TFI) and Gucci today announced the 2013 recipients selected for the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund. The Fund provides production and finishing finances, year-round support and guidance to domestic and international documentary filmmakers with feature-length films highlighting and humanizing critical issues of social significance from around the world. Nine projects have been selected from 500 submissions from 60 countries to receive a total of $150,000, to be administered by the Tribeca Film Institute. Now in its sixth year, the Fund has supported 45 films.

For the third year, the Kering Foundation (formerly the PPR Corporate Foundation for Women’s Dignity & Rights) has joined the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund to present the Spotlighting Women Documentary Award. Three film projects have been chosen that illuminate the courage, compassion, extraordinary strength of character, and contributions of women from around the world.

2013 projects were selected by a jury comprised of: Brian Sirgutz (SVP of Social Impact at AOL/Huffington Post Media Group); Jada Pinkett Smith; Molly Thompson (SVP, A&E IndieFilms); Olivia Wilde; and director Roger Ross Williams (Music by Prudence, God Loves Uganda). The committee chose the recipients from finalists selected by TFI. In addition to funding, grantees will each receive year-round support from TFI, including one-on-one guidance and consultation to help each film to reach completion, enter the marketplace, and find broader audiences for their work.

“Together with Gucci and the Kering Foundation, we are delighted to continue our support of documentary storytellers and films that spark global conversation and inspire change through their subject matters,” said Ryan Harrington, Director of Documentary Programming at the Tribeca Film Institute. “Working with these filmmakers has been tremendously rewarding and we are proud of the success of past recipients of the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund who have gone on to be nominated for Academy Awards and recognized at film festivals around the world for both artistic excellence and the important contributions the stories have made to the social justice issues they illustrate.”

“We continue to be inspired by the filmmakers and the stories we are able to support through the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund and the Spotlighting Women Documentary Award,” said Gucci Creative Frida Gianinni. “Film has the power to bring greater awareness and understanding to critical subjects from around the world.”

“Being a member of the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund jury was such an enlightening experience,” said Jada Pinkett Smith. “I had the honor of joining an intelligent and conscious group of people from various backgrounds which made the deliberations extremely thoughtful and balanced. It was a very proud moment for me to participate with Gucci and the Tribeca Film Institute to assist these talented filmmakers.”

Films funded through the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund explore social issues across the globe through compelling and personal stories, including: the business behind the international arms trade, the complexities of U.S. national security and its impact on civil liberties, the continued fight for the rights of gay Americans, first-hand accounts from Libya rebel groups, and other powerful stories. 

The projects that will collectively receive $100,000 total in funding for the 2013 Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund are:

-Run and Gun, Directed and Produced by Marshall Curry (2008 GTDF grantee for If A Tree Falls). A 32 year old American from Baltimore carries a gun in one hand and camera in the other as he documents his experience as a rebel fighter in the Libyan revolution.

-On a Knife Edge, Directed by Jeremy Williams; Produced by Eli Cane. Set against a background of rising racial tension and protest, a Lakota teenager learns first-hand what it means to lead a new generation and enter adulthood in a world where the odds are stacked against him.

- Perry V. Schwarzenegger, Directed & Produced by Ryan White & Ben Cotner. In 2010, opponents of gay marriage blocked the broadcast of a federal trial challenging Proposition 8, California’s ban on same-sex marriage. That case is now before the U.S. Supreme Court, where it will rule for the first time on the rights of
gay Americans to marry. (no photo available yet)

-The Shadow World. Directed by Johan Grimonprez; Produced by Joslyn Barnes, Anadil Hossain & Driss Benyaklef. The Shadow World is a feature documentary that explores the international arms trade, the only business that counts its wins and losses in human lives. Based on the book by Andrew Feinstein.

-Silenced, Directed by James Spione; Produced by Daniel Chalfen; Executive Produced by Jim Butterworth. Four whistleblowers fight to reveal the darkest corners of America's war on terror, challenging a government that is increasingly determined to maintain secrecy.

-Unlocking The Cage, Directed by DA Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus; Produced by Rosadel Verela & Frazer Pennebaker. Renowned animal rights attorney Steven Wise wants to break through the legal wall that separates animals and humans. His lawsuit, the first of its kind, will demand the most basic of personhood rights - those of bodily integrity and liberty - for an animal of a species that has been proven to have advanced cognitive capabilities, transforming the status of the animal from that of a mere "thing" to a “person” possessing rights that protect him from abuse and captivity.

The Spotlighting Women Documentary Award highlights the courage and strength of character of women from around the world, including: the leader of a corruption task force in the Congress of Colombia, poverty-fighting activists in Latin America, and the women behind the first girls’ school in a small Afghan village. 

The projects that will collectively receive $50,000 total in funding for the 2013 Spotlighting Women
Documentary Award are:

-Democrazy, Directed by Andreas Dalsgaard, Nicolas Servide & Viviana Gomez; Produced by Joshua Oppenheimer, Signe Sorensen & Anne Kohncke. Katherin is fighting for peace and democracy in Colombia. Her hero is the unconventional politician Antanas Mockus. This film investigates how to establish trust in a society ravaged by violence, fear and corruption.

-Disruption, Directed by Pamela Yates; Produced by Paco de Onis. A band of Latin American activist-economists set out to change their continent, teaming up with impoverished women to challenge accepted notions on how to eradicate poverty. The women become empowered economic and political engines of their communities. If taken to scale, could 20 million women upend a continent?

-What Tomorrow Brings, Directed & Produced by Beth Murphy (2009 GTDF Grantee, The List), Co-Produced by Beth Balaban. In the remote & conservative Afghan village of Deh Subz, the very first girls’ school opens, challenging centuries old social traditions against the backdrop of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and rising threats to girls’ education.

About the Tribeca Film Institute:

The Tribeca Film Institute is a 501(c)3 year round nonprofit arts organization founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff in the wake of September 11, 2001. TFI empowers filmmakers through grants and professional development, and is a resource and advocate for individual artists in the field. The Institute’s educational programming leverages an extensive film community network to help underserved New York City students learn filmmaking and gain the media skills necessary to be productive citizens
and creative individuals in the 21st century. Administering a dozen major programs annually, TFI is a critical contributor to the fabric of filmmaking and aids in protecting the livelihood of filmmakers and media artists. For more information and a list of all TFI programs visit

About Gucci:

Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the world's leading luxury fashion brands. With a renowned reputation for quality and Italian craftsmanship, Gucci designs, manufactures and distributes highly desirable products such as leather goods (handbags, small leather goods, and luggage), shoes, ready-to-wear, silks, timepieces and fine jewellery. Eyewear and fragrances are manufactured and distributed under license by
global industry leaders in these two sectors. Gucci products are sold exclusively through a network of directly operated boutiques (432 as of March 2013) and through e-commerce, as a valuable complementary business channel. Gucci products are also distributed through a small number of franchisees, and selected department and specialty stores. For more information about Gucci, please visit

About the Kering Foundation:

The Kering Foundation* combats violence against women and promotes their empowerment. Launched in January 2009, the Foundation supports community-based projects and encourages employee involvement to sustain women’s causes around the world. Through four programmes, it supports local and international NGOs as well as social entrepreneurs, helps raise awareness and establishes joint projects with the Kering
brands. In 2012, more than 80,000 women benefited from its support in 16 countries. *In line with PPR’s change of name, the PPR Corporate Foundation for Women’s Dignity and Rights will become the Kering Corporate Foundation, subject to approval at the Foundation’s board meeting on 26 June
2013.  see
 Twitter @KeringForWomen

*Thanks to the Tribeca Film Institute, Rubenstein Communications, Gucci & Kering for this press release and details*

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Jamie Foxx is behind the camera as a Celebrity Director for Canon's Project Imaginat10n

Jamie Foxx stepped behind the camera in Brooklyn, New York as Director for Canon's "Project Imaginat10n." Starring Tyrin Turner, a long-time friend and star of cult classic, Menace II Society and Nichole Galicia, from Django Unchained, Jamie was a hands-on director. There were also some great visitors on set – Ron Howard, his mentor on the project, David West from the Pacers and tons of fans including the Sanitation Department that was across the street on the last day of filming.

The other celebrity directors for Project Imaginat10n include Eva Longoria, James Murphy, Biz Stone and Georgina Chapman and consumers can now take part in the same creative experience. Filmmakers of all skill levels can select from the same pool of 91 winning photos to showcase their creativity and storytelling abilities by taking a seat in the director’s chair. 

The public and of course those with filmmaking aspirations are invited to submit 10 of their most storytelling photos that will provide storytelling themes, Ron Howard and a pubic vote will decide which will determine the 91 winners, this will begin on June 4, 2013 at After which the celebrity directors will choose 10 photos and which will set the initial stages for their film project and ultimately their upcoming film. The photos are based on a set of 10 themes - mood-obstacle-time-goal-backstory-the unknown-relationship-setting-character-discovery.

For further information on Canon's Project Imaginat10n, to get involved, or keep up with the progress of the celebrity directors see

and also my previous article on Eva Longoria directing and starring in her own film as part of Project Imaginat10n, and all the photos that inspired Eva Longoria to make the film project using photos a reality.

Tribeca Film acquires US Rights to award winning 'The Broken Circle Breakdown'

Late 2013 theatrical release set for Felix van Groeningen’s award-winning drama starring Veerle Baetens and Johan Heldenbergh : -

"A sure-fire, tear-jerking, audience pleaser." – Screen International

"A brilliant heartbreaker…unique in its compassionate and candid look at complicated and fully realized contemporary characters." – Thelma Adams, Yahoo

Tribeca Film today announced it has acquired all U.S. rights to director Felix van Groeningen’s, original Cannes  Film Festival Entry 2009, The Misfortunates -which won the Prix Art de Essai, Quinzaine de Realisateurs - 'Directors Fortnight',  bluegrass-infused drama 'The Broken Circle Breakdown'. 

A late 2013 theatrical release is planned for the film which is written by Carl Joos and van Groeningen and produced by Dirk Impens.

A box office hit when it opened in Belgium this past fall, the film recently played in competition at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, where writers Joos and van Groeningen won Best Screenplay for a Narrative Feature Film and lead actress Veerle Baetens won Best Actress in a Narrative Feature Film. Earlier this year it won the Panorama Audience Award at the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival.

Elise (Veerle Baetens) and Didier (Johan Heldenbergh) fall in love at first sight. She has her own tattoo shop and he plays the banjo in a bluegrass band. They bond over their shared enthusiasm for American music and culture, and dive headfirst into a sweeping romance that plays out on and off stage — but when an unexpected tragedy hits their new family, everything they know and love is tested. An intensely moving portrait of a relationship from beginning to end, propelled by a soundtrack of foot-stomping bluegrass. 

The Broken Circle Breakdown is a romantic melodrama of the highest order -

“Through flashbacks and flash-forwards, director van Groeningen seamlessly weaves a tapestry, detailing the story of a marriage and the pleasure and tragedy of being alive,” said Geoffrey Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer, Tribeca Enterprises.

“Dirk Impens and I are really thrilled that our movie will play for American audiences, especially after the warm welcome the movie had when screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. We feel that Tribeca Film is the best home for our movie, with their great team of passionate people,” said director Felix van Groeningen.

The Broken Circle Breakdown will later be released on demand platforms where it will be available in more than 50 million homes in the U.S. through a variety of video-on-demand offerings, as well as iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU, Xbox, Google Play and YouTube.

The deal was negotiated for Tribeca Film by Nick Savva, Director of Acquisitions and Alison Diviney, Acquisitions Manager, and The Match Factory’s Brigitte Suarez on behalf of the filmmakers.


About Tribeca Film
Tribeca Film is a comprehensive distribution label dedicated to acquiring and marketing independent films across multiple platforms, including theatrical, video-on-demand, digital, home video and television. It is an initiative from Tribeca Enterprises designed to provide new platforms for how film can be experienced, while supporting filmmakers and introducing audiences to films they might not otherwise see.

*Thanks to Rubenstein Communications, Tribeca Enterprises*

Monday, May 27, 2013

Electrolux at Cannes Film Festival 2013 catered for the film elite with Michelin star dining style

Electrolux celebrated nearly 100 years of professional expertise by continuing its support of the Cannes Film Festival, by providing Michelin quality fine dining during the Film Festival.  Electrolux is the chosen supplier of almost 50% of Michelin starred restaurants in Europe and a number of its partner chefs teamed up during the prestigious 2013 festival to ensure gastronomic excellence for all gala events and dining occasions.

Within the Electrolux Agora Pavilion a rotating team of award-winning chefs catered for guests throughout the duration of the festival, including three Michelin star holder Anne- Sophie Pic; two Michelin star holders Claude Bosi and Bruno Oger as well as brothers Christian and Manuel Costardi who hold one Michelin star.

Electrolux at Cannes Film Festival, based at The Electrolux Agora Pavilion is the largest temporary structure along the Croisette and was host to all official culinary festival events, hosting as many as 45 chefs at its busiest periods with as many as 120 servers for 648 guests within a space of 1,000 square metres.

Electrolux continued their three year partnership with the Cannes film festival by working with a rotating team of award-winning partner chefs. The chefs, all of whom work with Electrolux appliances on a daily basis within their own kitchens, catered for all official festival events, including the opening gala dinner and Jury deliberation lunches from within the Electrolux Agora Pavilion kitchen.

The award-winning partner chefs Anne-Sophie Pic (three Michelin stars) and Bruno Oger (two Michelin stars) teamed up to cook and host for the film elite for the Cannes Film Festival Opening Gala Dinner 2013, which was held within the Electrolux Agora Pavilion for the third consecutive year. Guests, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan were treated to a four course meal all cooked on Electrolux professional appliances.

“We are bringing nearly 100 years of expertise and relationships with 50% of Europe’s Michelin starred restaurants to support the Cannes Film Festival” said Olivia Kaye, Experiential Manager, Electrolux. “In order to cater for 648 guests Electrolux partner chefs Anne Sophie Pic and Bruno Oger are relying on the same Electrolux appliances installed within the Electrolux Agora Kitchen as those present within their ownrestaurant kitchens to gurantee Michelin star results.”

Menu for the Opening Gala Dinner:

Amuse Bouche (Bruno OGER)
King crab with shrimps
Entrée (Anne-Sophie PIC)
Pea and caviar with white foam of onion
Main Course (Anne-Sophie PIC)
See bass filet with rhubarb and celery, light bouillon with green apple, cinnamon, green
Dessert (Bruno OGER)
Chocolate and Caribbean cream

For the second consecutive year, The Chef’s Table by Electrolux offered film talent attending the Cannes Film Festival 2013, an exclusive culinary experience. Situated within the Electrolux Agora Pavilion kitchen The Chef’s Table by Electrolux hosted festival VIP’s, including Grand Jury members Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, Ang Lee and Christoph Waltz.

In addition to a great meal prepared in front of them, guests were also be able to take away the hints, tips and techniques provided by award-winning Electrolux partner chefs.

“Electrolux has nearly 100 years of professional culinary expertise and enjoy relationships with 50% of Europe’s Michelin starred restaurants.” says Olivia Kaye, Experiential Manager Electrolux. “Electrolux has brought four of our award winning partner chefs to host selected guests throughout the festival at The Chef’s Table by Electrolux within The Electrolux Agora Pavilion.”

The Chef’s Table by Electrolux can be found in the heart of prestigious restaurant kitchens around the world at which guests are invited to dine from a bespoke menu, prepared in front of them and personally for them, by the chef.

A little about the team of award winning chefs -

Anne-Sophie Pic - French chef best known for gaining three Michelin stars for her restaurant, Maison Pic, in southeast France. The fourth female chef to ever win three Michelin stars, and was named Best Female Chef by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2011.

Bruno Oger is a two Michelin star holder and one time winner of Best French Chef of the Year. Renowned for food that offers taste and imagination, Oger is inspired by Mediterranean flavours and local produce.

Anne-Sophie Pic and Bruno Oger collaborated to create the opening Gala dinner at Film Festival Cannes 2013.

Claude Bosi, the Head Chef and owner of the two Michelin-starred Hibiscus in London. Hibiscus has been regularly voted one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and is renowned for its innovative approach. Bosi recently installed the Electrolux Grand Cuisine cooking system within his Hibiscus test kitchen.

Brothers Christian and Manuel Costardi achieved their first Michelin star together in November 2009. Cooking has been within the family for three generations with the culinary knowledge and expertise offered at Ristorante Cinzia (Vercelli, Italy) supported by Electrolux professional appliances for more than 60 years.


*thanks to Electrolux at Cannes, Cannes Film Festival*

Sennheiser headphones delivered the ultimate listening experience during the 25th Anniversary of the American Pavilion, International Village at Cannes Film Festival 2013

Sennheiser delivered Premium Sound and Wireless Innovation to The American Pavilion at the Cannes International Film Festival 2013, which took place 15th May - 26th May 2013. The American Pavilion, situated in the International Village, where all countries had representatives and information regarding their countries film industry. Audiences listened to Interviews with Top Entertainment Talent on Sennheiser Wireless Headphones, during the schedule that The American Pavilion had showcased during their special year in which they celebrated their 25th Anniversary in Cannes.

Sennheiser headphones are a superb tool of vital and innovative technological equipment for the modern and very busy filmmaker. They are utilised during the production stages of every film, from on location, Foley recording, mixing in in the studio, to of course other parts of the filmmaking process.

Audio specialist Sennheiser supported The American Pavilion at the Cannes International Film Festival 2013 during its Conference Series this year in Cannes, by providing their Sennheiser RS 120 wireless headphones. The Conference Series which featured panels and one–on–one interviews with the film industry’s leading talent and entertainment personalities, during the 12–day festival, which is known internationally as being the most high profile event in the film industry. With that in mind audiences were able to listen to The American Pavilion Conference Series through Sennheiser wireless headphones, for a true 100% quality experience. This complemented the scenic surrounds of the French Riviera with sea views, yachts and mountains and of course the high caliber of Cannes Film Festival 2013.

I was able to test run the Sennheiser RS 120 wireless headphones for myself with the Company's representative in attendance. Truly for myself in the film industry, the listening experience far exceeded the expected standard, and excluded all external sound.

These headphones were utilised by Festival attendees whilst in attendance at the American Pavilion, relaxing with a root beer, catching up on some work in the American Pavilion, or  simply enjoying the view of the beach and surrounding backdrop scenery, whilst educating oneself with the interesting program of interviews etc, that the American Pavilion provided. These headphones can be used not only in a static position as one would expect in the normal run of things, but one was able to roam freely around the American Pavilion tent grounds and enjoy the same pristine, clear high quality listening experience, without background noise interference.

The American Pavilion Conference Series featured industry panels each day that focused on topics like film finance, acquisitions, producing and film and technology. The interactive sessions were moderated by well–known entertainment journalists and routinely attract the top names in entertainment. In prior years, guests have included Francis Ford Coppola, Terry Gilliam, Martin Scorcese, Robert Duvall, Kevin Kline, Tommy Lee Jones, Jude Law, Colin Firth, Anjelica Huston, James Cameron and many others. This years guests included Randy Quaid, Stephen Frears, and Film Industry seminars in focus with renown speakers from within the film industry.

See for more details at 

The American Pavilion, located in the International Village next to the Palais, is a important hub for film industry professionals to gather and share ideas during the Cannes Film Festival, the largest and most prestigious film festival in the world. The festival itself attracts over 20,000 industry professionals and over 4,000 journalists from around the globe.

In conjunction with its sponsor partners and in celebration of its 25th anniversary in Cannes, The American Pavilion had redesigned its location to incorporate design elements of The Peninsula Hotel properties and included a new conference center, bar, restaurant and a media terrace/green room. By providing attendees with Sennheiser wireless headphones.

“We are excited to feature Sennheiser’s wireless headphone technology this year at The American Pavilion,” commented Julie Sisk, director and founder of The American Pavilion. "Sennheiser’s innovative technology will allow our guests to enjoy all the amenities of our open space, without missing any of the incredible interview and panel content that will be featured this year.”

The American Pavilion asked Sennheiser to provide support in Cannes after reading about its activation during SXSW with Paste Magazine this past March, in which the company hosted three days of interviews with leading content creators such as Fred Armisen of SNL, LeVar Burton of Star Trek, editor in chief of Marvel Comics Alex Alonso, and others. During this activation, fans and attendees were able to listen to interview content anywhere on the activation grounds, while donning Sennheiser wireless headphones.

Find out more about Sennheiser and their products here
Links -

*Thanks to Jeff Touzeau, Hummingbird Media for his kind demonstrations of the Sennheiser headphones and information, whilst attending the American Pavilion during Cannes Film Festival 2013. Thanks also to the American Pavillion for their kind hospitality also, during my attendance this year*

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

American Pavilion Schedule at Cannes Film Festival 2013 and special guests announced


CLIFF MARTINEZ and many more. 


Well-known filmmakers, movie executives and journalists will be among those featured during the upcoming Industry In Focus Series at The American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival for its 25 Anniversary, it was announced by Julie Sisk, Founder and Director of The American Pavilion.

Among those scheduled to participate in relevant and timely industry panels, seminars and “In Conversation” one-on-one dialogues are: James Toback, Randy Quaid, Will Forte, Stephen Frears, Cliff Martinez and many more.

There will also be discussions with top executives from such film companies as RADiUS-TWC and Participant Media, as well as representatives from ICM, WME, Paradigm and The Sundance Institute. Journalists from The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Deadline Hollywood and The Los Angeles Times, among others, will serve as moderators for the Series.

The diverse topics being covered in the Series include: 3D Content Creation, Women in Film, Marketing and Distribution, Digital Hollywood, American Directors in Film, Music In Film, The State of the Indie Film Industry, American Producers, An Emerging Filmmaker Showcase, In Conversation talks with Randy Quaid and Will Forte and a special critic’s panel in honor of Roger Ebert.

The following is the full programming schedule. All Schedule, panels and guests are subject to changes and additions.


  • Thursday, May 16 at 3pm - Industry In Focus: 3D Content Creation: From Script to Business 
  • Friday, May 17 at 3pm – Industry In Focus: Women in Film – moderated by Jacqueline Lyang
  • Saturday, May 18 at 11am – Industry In Focus: Marketing and Distribution – moderated by Dana Harris 
  • Saturday, May 18 at 3pm – Industry In Focus: Digital Hollywood – moderated by Kevin Winston 
  • Sunday, May 19 at 3pm – In Conversation: American Directors in Film – moderated by Aaron Hillis 
  • Sunday, May 19 at 9pm - Queer Night Party 
  • Monday, May 20 at 11am - Industry In Focus: Finance - moderated by Pam McClintock 
  • Monday, May 20 at 3pm - Industry In Focus: State of the Indie Film Industry - moderated by Pete Hammond 
  • Tuesday, May 21 at 2pm - Industry In Focus: American Producers - moderated by Scott Macaulay 
  • Tuesday, May 21 at 3pm- Music In Film-moderated by Thom Powers. 
  • Wednesday, May 22 at 2pm – In Conversation with Randy Quaid – moderated by Logan Hill 
  • Wednesday, May 22 at 3:30pm – In Conversation with Will Forte – moderated by Kyle Buchanan 
  • Thursday, May 23 – 10:30am- Emerging Filmmaker Showcase 
  • Thursday, May 23 at 3pm – Roger Ebert –Special Critics Panel – Moderated by Annette Insdorf 




3D Content Creation: From Script to Business
Workshop and reception sponsored by 3D Stereo MEDIA and XPAND, with participation of the International 3D Society
3D Networking Reception




  • Kate Gerova (Creative Director, Birds Eye View) 
  • Rosie Wong (Sundance Institute) 
  • Anne Hubbell (Tangerine Entertainment) 
  • Amy Hobby (Producer, Shepard & Dark
  • Moderated by: Jacqueline Lyanga (Director, AFI Fest)


  • Ryan Werner 
  • Marian Koltai-Levine (PMK-BNC) 
  • Michael Benaroya (CEO, Benaroya Pictures) 
  • Lisa Perkins (VP, International Marketing & Publicity, Exclusive Media) 
  • Moderated by: Dana Harris (Editor-in-Chief, Indiewire)

  • Col Needham (Founder & CEO, IMDb)
  • Jonathan Marlow (Co-founder/Chief Content Officer, Fandor)
  • Steve Beckman (FilmBuff)
  • Amy McGee (ZEFR/
  • Moderated by: Kevin Winston (Digital LA)



  • Jim Mickle (We Are What We Are
  • David Lassiter (The Opportunist
  • David Lowery – (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
  • James Toback (Seduced and Abandoned)
  • Moderated by: Aaron Hillis (Video Free Brooklyn)



  • Nick LoPiccolo (Paradigm) 
  • Peter Trinh (ICM Partners) 
  • Deborah McIntosh (WME) 
  • Paul Miller (Film Financing, Doha Film Institute) 
  • Bill Lischak (Co-President of OddLot Entertainment) 
  • Moderated by: Pamela McClintock (The Hollywood Reporter) 


  • Tom Quinn (Radius-TWC) 
  • Michael Sugar (Anonymous Content) 
  • Rena Ronson (UTA) 
  • Jim Berk (Participant Media) 
  • John Cooper (Sundance Institute) 
  • Moderated by: Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood)



  • David Lancaster (Only God Forgives
  • Nick Schumaker (We Are What We Are
  • Jay Van Hoy and Lars Knudsen (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
  • Emily Wachtel (Shepard & Dark
  • Moderated by: Scott Macaulay (Filmmaker Magazine) 

  • Cliff Martinez (Composer, Only God Forgives
  • Gingger Shankar (Composer, Monsoon Shootout
  • Moderated by: Thom Powers (TIFF)


Moderated by: LOGAN HILL



  • Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune)
  • Kenneth Turan (LA Times) 
  • Eric Kohn (IndieWire) 
  • Moderated by: Annette Insdorf (Director of Undergraduate Film Studies, Columbia University)    
10:30AM - 1:00PM-

4:30PM - 6:15PM-

For more information:


Celebrating our 25th year as the center of American hospitality for the film industry in Cannes, The Pavilion brings professionals and emerging filmmakers together.

The American Pavilion is the center of activity at the Cannes International Film Festival for the American film community, offering membership for professionals, provocative and insightful programming, immersive student programs, the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase and more.

Serving as a communication and hospitality center for the thousands of Americans in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival, The American Pavilion provides an impressive array of facilities and services to the international film community. Since its debut at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival, The Pavilion has become a permanent fixture on the Cannes landscape.

For the corporate sponsors of The American Pavilion, the dozens of exhibitors and office holders, and the thousands of American participants, The American Pavilion accommodates the need for information, orientation and recreation. For the duration of the Festival, The American Pavilion provides both a dynamic business environment and an opportunity to relax in comfortable surroundings.

Just a few steps from the Palais des Festivals, where all the major Festival films are premiered, and with a panoramic view of the Bay of Cannes, The American Pavilion is the perfect place to transact business, share ideas and effectively reach the thousands of affluent international business travelers who attend the Festival every year. For more information, visit

*thanks to Emma Griffiths PR and also thanks to the American Pavilion for their kind hospitality in their lounges whilst I am in attendance at Cannes Film Festival 2013*

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The American Pavilion celebrates 25th Anniversary at Cannes International Film Festival, as well as announcing full list of Sponsors

The American Pavilion (AmPav) has revealed its full line up of sponsors joining Presenting sponsors American Express and The Peninsula Hotel Group and Premiere Sponsor SodaStream at Cannes Film Festival 2013 announced AmPav Founder Julie Sisk, more details below :-

The American Pavilion is the center of activity at the Cannes International Film Festival for the American film community, offering membership for professionals, provocative and insightful programming, immersive student programs, the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase and more.  Serving as a communication and hospitality center for the thousands of Americans in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival, The American Pavilion provides an impressive array of facilities and services to the international film community. Since its debut at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival, The Pavilion has become a permanent fixture on the Cannes landscape.

This year is a landmark year celebrating 25 years as the center of American hospitality for the film industry in Cannes, The Pavilion brings professionals and emerging filmmakers together.

For the corporate sponsors of The American Pavilion, the dozens of exhibitors and office holders, and the thousands of American participants, The American Pavilion accommodates the need for information, orientation and recreation. For the duration of the Festival, The American Pavilion provides both a dynamic business environment and an opportunity to relax in comfortable surroundings.

Just a few steps from the Palais des Festivals, where all the major Festival films are premiered, and with a panoramic view of the Bay of Cannes, The American Pavilion is the perfect place to transact business, share ideas and effectively reach the thousands of affluent international business travelers who attend the Festival every year. 

For more information see -

Returning Sponsors include:

The Asylum, Beringer, California Delicious, The Hollywood Reporter, Hughes Hubbard & Reed, Intel, International Herald Tribune, SAGIndie/Screen Actors Guild, Sierra Nevada, Variety, The Weinstein Company, and Weaver's Coffee & Tea.

New Sponsors include:
Previously announced Presenting Sponsors American Express and The Peninsula Hotels, Premiere Sponsor SodaStream and additional key sponsors Bouchard Pére et Fils, Deadline Hollywood, JBL Professional, Lenovo, Mohawk Carpet, Samsung and Sennheiser.

We are thrilled to have such a great range of sponsors to support the 25th Anniversary of The American Pavilion,” commented Julie Sisk. “We are grateful to both our returning and new sponsors, who will make our anniversary year so special,” she continued.

Founded 25 years ago by industry maven Julie Sisk, The American Pavilion is a place where North American film industry professionals can gather to share ideas and network during Cannes Film Festival, the largest and most prestigious film festival in the world. Initially created to provide a convenient single meeting space for all the North American film professionals in town, The Pavilion has grown to become the essential hub for the industry off The Croisette, offering membership for professionals, provocative and insightful programming, immersive student programs, Emerging Filmmaker Showcases, and more.

Luminaries that have supported The Pavilion over the years include: filmmakers Ron Howard, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Wong Kar Wai, Spike Lee, Billy Bob Thornton, and stars Tommy Lee Jones, Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, James Franco, Michelle Williams, Jessica Chastain, Robert Duvall, and Matt Lauer amongst many others.

Details about Sponsors  -

American Express is a diversified worldwide travel, financial and network services company founded in 1850. It is a leader in charge and credit cards, Travellers Cheques, travel and insurance products.

As part of the premium service American Express provides, Cardmembers have access to enriched experiences at some of the world’s most sought after entertainment events, including best seats, exclusive offers and early-on-sale tickets.

Parent company of The Peninsula Hotels
Incorporated in 1866 and listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (00045), HSH is the holding company of a Group which is engaged in the ownership, development and management of prestigious hotel, commercial and residential properties in key locations in Asia, the United States and Europe, as well as the provision of transport, club management and other services. The hotel portfolio of the Group comprises The Peninsula Hotels in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Bangkok, Manila and Paris (under construction).  The property portfolio of the Group includes The Repulse Bay Complex, The Peak Tower and The Peak Tramways, St. John’s Building, The Landmark in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and the Thai Country Club in Bangkok, Thailand.
Learn more at or follow us on Facebook

SodaStream International Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of home beverage carbonation systems, which enable consumers to easily transform ordinary tap water instantly into carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water. Soda makers offer a highly differentiated and innovative solution to consumers of bottled and canned carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water. Our products are environmentally friendly, cost effective, promote health and wellness, and are customizable and fun to use.

In addition, our products offer convenience by eliminating the need to carry bottles home from the supermarket, to store bottles at home or to regularly dispose of empty bottles. Our products are available at more than 60,000 retail stores in 45 countries around the world, including almost 15,000 retail stores in the United States. In February 2013, SodaStream was ranked 23rd globally in Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies. The company has also been recognized as one of the UK’s most influential and highly regarded brands in the 2012/2013 CoolBrands® list.  SodaStream is a NASDAQ listed company: NASDAQ: SODA

For more information, visit

The epitome of a modern classic, Beringer has been Napa Valley’s benchmark producer since its establishment in 1876.  Winemaker Laurie Hook crafts classic wines from Napa’s finestappellations and Beringer’s exceptional collection of vineyards.  A winemaking legacy of 136 years is reflected in an acclaimed portfolio of wines, which are collected worldwide.  The historic estate in St. Helena offers a tradition of hospitality that defines the Napa Valley.

At California Delicious we believe that life is an occasion to celebrate! From birthdays and anniversaries to welcoming that new baby or to simply saying thanks, we take pride in helping our customers send their very best wishes. Our line of California-themed gifts and gift baskets are guaranteed to impress at first sight and delight with every bite.

Our wine baskets, gourmet food, fruit, nuts and chocolate gift baskets are filled with delicious fresh ingredients and fine tasting wines from some of California’s most popular wine growing regions such as Napa Valley, Sonoma County, the California Central Valley and the Central Coast.

We take great pride in the unique flavors and foods we are able to source from all over our beautiful state - from San Diego to Santa Barbara, throughout the beautiful Monterey Bay and Carmel Valley, into San Francisco and the historic Gold country and along the rugged Northern Pacific coast – and delight in passing these special tastes of California on to you.


The Hollywood Reporter is the Entertainment Industry's flagship news media brand, named entertainment publication of the year and best website by the LA Press Club in 2012, THR leads the category in providing breaking new, feature stories and industry analysis to readers of its glossy print edition as well as to its 10 million unique monthly visitors online. The Entertainment industry's definitive authority, THR is widely read among Hollywood's Top Insiders and influencers, making its print edition cover "Prized Real Estate", according to the New York Times. The Hollywood Reporter is available online

Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is a US$30 billion personal technology company – the second largest PC maker worldwide and an emerging PC Plus leader – serving customers in more than 160 countries. Dedicated to building exceptionally engineered PCs and mobile internet devices, Lenovo’s business is built on product innovation, a highly-efficient global supply chain and strong strategic execution.  Formed by Lenovo Group’s acquisition of the former IBM Personal Computing Division, the Company develops, manufactures and markets reliable, high-quality, secure and easy-to-use technology products and services. Its product lines include legendary Think-branded commercial PCs and Idea-branded consumer PCs, as well as servers, workstations, and a family of mobile internet devices, including tablets and smart phones. Lenovo, a global Fortune 500 company, has major research centers in Yamato, Japan; Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China; and Raleigh, North Carolina. 
For more information see

Mohawk is a leading supplier of flooring for both residential and commercial applications.  Mohawk provides a complete selection for all markets of carpet, ceramic tile, laminate, wood, stone, vinyl and rugs. These products are marketed under the premier brands in the industry including Mohawk, Karastan, Lees, Bigelow, Durkan, Mohawk Home, Daltile, American Olean, Pergo, Unilin and Quick-Step.  Mohawk's presence includes operations in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia and the United States.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semi-conductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2011 consolidated sales of US$143.1 billion. Employing approximately 222,000 people in 205 offices across 71 countries, the company operates two separate organizations to coordinate its nine independent business units: Digital Media & Communications, comprising Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, and Digital Imaging; and Device Solutions, consisting of Memory, System LSI and LED. Recognized for its industry-leading performance across a range of economic, environmental and social criteria, Samsung Electronics was named the world’s most sustainable technology company in the 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index. For more information, please visit

Be independent. Act professional. Just because your film isn¹t being produced by a studio doesn’t mean you can¹t use professional actors. From short films to low budget features, when you¹re ready to turn that passion project into a reality, SAGindie will teach you how to get the ball rolling.

The Sennheiser Group, with its headquarters in Wedemark near Hanover, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. In 2011 the family company, which was founded in 1945, achieved a turnover of around 531 million euros. Sennheiser employs more than 2,100 people worldwide, and has manufacturing plants in Germany, Ireland and the USA. The company is represented worldwide by subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Germany, Denmark (Nordic), Russia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Japan, China, Canada, Mexico and the USA, as well as by long-term trading partners in many other countries. Also part of the Sennheiser Group are Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin (studio microphones and monitor loudspeakers), and the joint venture Sennheiser Communications A/S (headsets for PCs, offices and call centers).
You can find all the latest information on Sennheiser by visiting

Founded in 1980, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is one of America’s premier craft breweries, highly regarded for using only whole-cone hops and the finest quality ingredients. The pioneering spirit that launched Sierra Nevada spans more than three decades, with innovation emerging from both the brewhouse and sustainability initiatives. Sierra Nevada has set the standard for artisan brewers worldwide as a winner of numerous awards for its extensive line of beers including Pale Ale, Torpedo®, Porter, Stout, Kellerweis® and a host of seasonal, specialty and limited release beers. Learn more at

Variety is the leading publication and website for international entertainment news, recognized and respected throughout the industry since 1905. The Variety Group – Variety,, Variety Insight, LA 411, NY 411 – is owned by Variety Media, LLC, a division of Penske Business Media.

The Weinstein Company (TWC) is a multimedia production and distribution company launched in October 2005 by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the brothers who founded Miramax Films in 1979. TWC also encompasses Dimension Films, the genre label founded in 1993 by Bob Weinstein, which has released such popular franchises as SCREAM, SPY KIDS and SCARY MOVIE. Together TWC and Dimension Films have released a broad range of mainstream, genre and specialty films that have been commercial and critical successes.  TWC releases took home eight 2012 Academy Awards®, the most wins in the studio’s history. The tally included Best Picture for Michel Hazanavicius’s THE ARTIST and Best Documentary Feature for TJ Martin and Dan Lindsay’s UNDEFEATED. THE ARTIST brought TWC its second consecutive Best Picture statuette following the 2011 win for Tom Hooper’s THE KING’S SPEECH.  


TWC is active in television production, led by former Miramax Films President of Production Meryl Poster. TWC is the studio behind such hit television series as the Emmy® nominated and Peabody Award winning reality series PROJECT RUNWAY and its spin-off series PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS and PROJECT ACCESSORY; the VH1 reality series MOB WIVES and its spin-off series MOB WIVES CHICAGO and BIG ANG; and the critically acclaimed scripted HBO comedy/crime series THE NO. 1 LADIES' DETECTIVE AGENCY which also received a Peabody Award. The company is in production on the upcoming TLC series WELCOME TO MYRTLE MANOR, the A&E series RODEO QUEENS, and the Lifetime reality competition show SUPERMARKET SUPERSTAR hosted by Stacy Keibler.  Among TWC’s other projects in development for television are the martial-arts epic MARCO POLO for Starz, an untitled private eye procedural for FX, and THE NANNY DIARIES developed by ABC with a pilot by Amy Sherman Palladino.

Weaver’s Coffee & Tea features Fair Trade Certified and 100% Certified Organic coffees as well as fine hand blended 100% Certified Organic Teas.

The Weaver’s brand bears the name of master roaster and president of Weaver’s Coffee and Tea, John Weaver, who began roasting coffee in 1980 where he apprenticed under two legendary coffee experts,
Alfred Peet and Sal Bonavita.


*Thanks to Emma Griffiths PR for this Press Release and information*