Thursday, October 27, 2011

Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2011 - Interview with 'Deadheads'

Directed and Written by Brett Pierce & Drew T. Pierce
Starring - Michael Mc Kiddy, Ross Kidder, Markus Taylor, Thomas Galasso, Natalie Victoria, Eden Malyn, Benjamin Webster, Greg Dow, Harry Burkey and Leonard Kelly

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

Deadheads is about two zombies who awaken from the dead after a zombie outbreak.One of them discovers an engagement ring in his pocket and persuades his friend to help him search for his lost love, whilst being pursued by a team of zombie killer bounty hunters......and a full scale adventure ensues combining horror, action, comedy &  love....

Drew Pierce
The writer and director of Deadheads together with brother Brett Pierce

-How was it for the casting process for this?

Extensive, we spent a year and a half casting our movie and we really wanted to get it right we started from the point where we were raising funds like picking out our favorite actors and holding auditions. Also, because the hallmark of indie film is just terrible acting especially horror movies so we really wanted to get it right and get a full ensemble. 

-Is the genre of horror something you normally concentrate on ?

Yeah, we are big fans of horror as my Dad did the special effects for Evil Dead so we grew up in the midst of the crew of Sam Raimi and all those guys. We did some of the effects in our basement when we were kids - we were freakiing out going down into our basement. So when it came to making a movie and writing a script we thought that horror and comedy would be a real fun mix. So we ran with that idea and we thought that a zombie movie would be a lot of fun.

-What is next for you?

A lot more scripts, we want to make a lot more movies

-Of the same genre?

The funny thing about Deadheads is that it is kind of this blend it is almost like an 80's action adventure movie than a zombie movie. It's kinda a blend of several different genres as we love everything - horror, action, fantasy and all sorts of movies.

-So your main aim is to combine a little element of everything rather than making it one tone?

I don't think we will every make a single genre movie. I think that every movie I will make will be in this weird category of 4 genres....

Ross Kidder-

I play Brent in Deadheads which is one of the two main zombies who are coherent zombies so I not only have all the attributes of a normal zombie but I also walk, talk and have a passion for the strongest thing in the universe which is love.

-Love that is a very powerful thing? How did you feel about playing this coherent love hero maybe?

Well I feel that whether you are dead or you are not dead that the strongest thing you can feel is the passion for somebody else or for what you are doing, and what that the main route is love..

-It sounds to me that you had a very big passion for this script from the beginning?Am I right in assuming this?

Absolutely! from the minute that I read the script, it was the strangest thing I had ever read in my life but the main throughline of it was the passion. When you find something like that, as an actor and you read something like that, you know that you have to stick with it. There are lot of projects that you might do and you can have fun with it. This one I saw it, I knew I had no choice and I could really make something grand with this. It is a really amazing team.

Kasey Bell 

I play Rob in the movie, a high school buddy of one of the main zombies

-How did you find playing that?

It was great! It was a lot of fun... everyone who knows my character in real life.. I'm the kind of guy who thinks he is better friends with people than he really is....

Thank you for your time

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